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Providing students with holistic educational content
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Providing students with holistic educational content


Entrepreneurship is the identification of an opportunity, the creation of value out of that opportunity and the exchange of the value to interested parties for monetary or other benefits.  Our approach to teaching entrepreneurship is both innovative and practical – we help our learners understand what they have and how they can use that to create value and become successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a great economic development solution which creates jobs, enhances countries’ GDP and builds a self-sufficiency culture. We, at LALI are committed to getting more people into this exhilarating field.


Once an entrepreneur has started a business and is able to exchange the value created for monetary returns, they will need to adhere to some principles, standards and procedures of the business world. They will also need to establish their own internal processes, planning and capital management. At LALI we cater for this component of being an entrepreneur with a very comprehensive curriculum which encompasses traditional solutions and innovative best practices.


Our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in has never been more crucial – not only in us becoming successful leaders, but in helping us thrive in our current environment. With Personal and Social intelligence, we start with the individual and their knowledge and understanding of themselves and then we branch out into their immediate environment (family), extended environment (community) further extended environment (country and the world). We focus on understanding, impact (both ways) and becoming adaptable!