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LALI- Education
Providing students with holistic educational content
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Providing students with holistic educational content


Is to help human beings/learners become their best selves by adding impactful value and building a sustainable world!


To create educational content, programs and curriculum that are practical, applicable and offers various learning styles on an array of topics.


LALI is an educational content and curriculum development organisation which focuses on practicality and userability and encompasses different topics in various learning projects – providing students with a holistic learning and growth experience.The content we develop can be taught at schools as part of an academic curriculum, at community development initiatives or  an After-School Program to both students and adults

Why Choose Us?


Integrated learning:

Students learn about different topics in one project, therefore getting to see a real-life practical approach to problem-solving. For example: By starting and running a legal informal business they get to solve a problem using different school topics.

Reflective learning:
Students grow through doing and learning things about themselves and their environment but are made aware of what they learned and how they grew. For example They can write an essay/journal about their own personal experience, learnings, and growth after completing a particular project.

Practical and retainable knowledge: 
Students learn different topics by doing projects related to the topics. For example, They can learn chemistry through a baking project and physics by building and testing out different.

Choice and versatility:
Students get to center various topics on things they interested in. For example: A student who is interested in animals can start a business making dog food and selling it at the local vet as their project. Thus, learning more about animals, chemistry, food production, entrepreneurship and business management.