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LALI- Education
Providing students with holistic educational content
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Providing students with holistic educational content


LALI is an educational content and curriculum development organisation which focuses on practicality and userability and encompasses different topics in various learning projects – providing students with a holistic learning and growth experience. The content we develop can be taught at schools as part of an academic curriculum, at community development initiatives or  an After-School Program to both students and adults. Topics currently on offer by LALI are:

Topics Currently On Offer

Our students are talented, hard-working and full of good ideas. We encourage and empower them to bring their ideas to life.
Hands-on opportunities are what we're all about.


Entrepreneurship is the identification of an opportunity..

Business Management

Once an entrepreneur has started a business and is able to exchange the value..

Personal and Social Intelligence

Our knowledge of ourselves and the world we live in has never been more crucial..

How We Do It Differently?

Why our partners choose us?”

Real Life Practicals

Practical and uses real-life scenarios. For example Teaching students’ chemistry through cooking, baking, and cleaning.

Learning Variations

Learning styles variation and adopting the simplest approach as a baseline. For example: The best way to learn is by doing, we provide students with practical projects where they learn by doing – like starting and running a legal informal business.

Holistic Teachings

Holistic teachings of various academic topics. For example: Teaching how being Self-aware can help students understand themselves better , the value they add to the world, , make them  less prone to depression and help them become exceptional leaders – by making them lead a community development project


Diverse and caters to students’ interests. For example: Allowing students to learn about accounting, business management and leadership skills by letting them start and run their own legal informal business in an industry they are interested in or passionate about.

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